Family Tree (most all retired,co-owned or friends dogs appear on this site.)

            Prince William 3 1/2 lb
Beep Beep (Son of KK and Prince William)

                       3 1/2 lb
          Max weighs 4 1/2 lb

          Duno Evil ( son of Max)
                       3 lb

  Seeno Evil (son of Sudeo and Duno Evil)
                   3 lb.

      I don't know Benny's weight
         Benny is a hired stud
      Benny has parti behind him
  Reese (AKC Chocolate & Tan)   5 lb 

Mambo (Chocolate Parti) 6lb.

Spottacular (Parti Yorkie) 4 lb.





    Prince William is Son of Misty Blue
who is from Cassidy  from  Elieen Sparks




      Max, Duno and Rosie are from  Debby 

                      KK 6 lb. 

 Monet (daughter of KK and Prince William)
                           7 lb.
 Kissie Kissie Girl (daughter of KK and Prince William)              6 lb

Sudeo (daughter of Monet and Benny)
                          5 lb
Tilly (daughter of KK and Benny)
                           6 lb.

  Lola 6 lb (daughter of KK and Duno Evil)

Sprinkles (AKC Parti Yorkie) 9 lb.          

Volare (Parti Yorkie) 6lb.

Sanora chocolate Parti 5 pounds granddaughter of Sprinkles.
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