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Puppies looking for their forever homes
Call Lisa at (949)633-7740 or text (949)633-7715 for more information on puppies

 $1200  and up (to a loving pet home)
Size is not guaranteed,
only God knows the ending size.
The size can be better estimated if you buy a puppy four months old or older. The good old fashion way is to look at the paws. 
If you buy a female puppy and if by one year she is over 5lb and not fixed. I will buy back the dog and give you a full refund.
If you have buyers remorse I will buy back a puppy at half the selling price up to two days
after the purchase.


  Male- traditional color AKC registered Yorkshire Terrier
  He is carrying Chocolate and Parti genes.
  This puppy is called Perky. He is a perky,bouncy,cheerful boy.
  He is a tiny little thing charting at 3 1/2 pounds. Perfect size for your purse
  or backpack. He snuggles right into your neck and gives lots of kisses.
   He is trained to use a belly band diaper so he won't wee on visits to Grandma's house.
   This puppy is selling for $2200 to a forever pet home.

    born Dec.30,2019 charting at 3 1/2 lb 
    To view Parents of the puppy click on Dogs of Interest in grey on
    the left side of this picture. Mom is Sanora and Dad is Seeno

click below for video of the puppy when he was 6 weeks old.

Click below for current video
New puppies are born and pictures will be posted soon.
One small male is in the bunch and all others will be 5 lb and up.



   I love to see puppies get a good home where they are loved forever.
If you are trying to replace a past dog and need an exact look alike, don't
let me know this.
   Puppies need to be loved for who they are. Someone who will only love them if they look and act like your old dog is not the home I'm looking for. When a person gives birth to a baby they love them no matter what because they are yours. This is the kind..of home I'm looking for.