**Breeder Puppies For Sale**

Name: Gumdrop
Sex: Female
Color: Party Yorkie
Parents: Mom-Volare Dad-Mambo
Price: 2,500
Description: Gumdrop has a rare Party color with an extra silky coat.
Her size, at estimated 6lbs, and her cute round head make her favorable
for breeding. She has a sweet personality, very cuddly and docile. Full 
breeding rights with contract.


Name: Divinity
Sex: Female
Color: Blonde Party Yorkie
Parents: Mom: Volare Dad-Mambo
Price: 2,500
Description: Divinity is an ultra rare Blonde Yorkie. As she ages, her hair
will get more blonde. Her features, such as her black nose, are hard to
get and sought after to pass down to new generations. Also estimated
to be around 6 lb. She is also very cooperative, willing to follow direction,
and very affectionate. Full breeding rights with contract.