Good Breeding Practices

 Healthy Yorkies takes planning.

 Breeding healthy puppies is my goal. Starting with a pair of Yorkies that complement each other is the first step in the process. Healthy is my first goal, small and cute is second.

Small and portable dogs that can go anywhere with you is doable at 5 lb. You want a dog that can jump from the couch and not get hurt and yet fit in a bag and not feel like your shoulder is going to hurt for a week. A five pound dog can fit under the seat on a plane or hang out of an open backpack while hiking on a camping trip.

 What I have found that works best is breeding a smaller male to a larger female to produce puppies that are healthy. The small ones from these litters will be your gems. They tend to be healthier than the small dogs produced as a result of breeding two tiny dogs. I also try to match characteristics of the mother and father dog for the best possible teeth, knees, coat and temperament.

 For example, on the coat colors I mixed a silky blue and tan coat with a thicker darker coat to get a medium silky coat that is beautiful. Keep in mind, you won’t know the final look of your puppy’s coat until age two.

I hope this will help you better understand the beginning steps in the breeding process.

A discount may apply. Only one discount will be permitted per person, not per puppy. The puppies prices will reflect this. It's the breeders choice. Generally puppies costing more than $1,500.

Qualifications are:

1) Deposit placed before 8 weeks of age 

2) Military Discount

3) Over age 65

4) Handicap

5) Terminally ill

6) Emotional support dog

All must have proof.

$100 off.

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